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Friday, December 3, 2021

Coin Collecting Starter Pack


  • ? It’s a great gift for children to help to build their hobby, expand knowledge about the world and learn more about the country and people on this planet. Get this as a present to your kids or other people, they will definitely love this special album.
  • ? Now you have a chance to DIY your own unique coin collection books. This product is carefully designed by us, you can not find a similar coin album from another company 


A Leather Album, 10 Pages Storage Sheets with 120 Coins Pockets and Flag Grids, World Flag Set – A Unique Stock Book You Need to Get Started

  • It’s a high-quality leather album that can hold 120 coins, including 240 pockets (120 pockets for coins and 120 pockets for flags), you can know which countries the coins belong to, world flags set as a bonus, the loose-leaf design is practical and expandable; refill pages available, please search ” B085KY46GW ” if you want to add more pages to this album.
  • ? It facilitates the exchange of coin collectors. Unlike other coin albums, the special of this album is that it has the pockets for flags or other labels, which makes your coins collection more interesting as well as full of memorial significance.
  • ? If you like traveling around the world, this is a must-have item. When you get some coins from other countries in your journey, you can mark when and where you get these coins, it’s a wonderful idea to make such souvenir. Think about that when you take out the album and introduce the story of each coin to your friends or families, how interested they will be to share your journey experience


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